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4Plateholder frameless license plate holders - Black

4Plateholder frameless license plate holders - Black

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Frameless license plate holders with a minimalistic look and easy installation that will add style to your car. The holders are 3D printed to the hundredths of a millimeter, so they fit your license plate precisely. This makes them easy to put on and take off. They are made of PETG material, which has great physical and chemical properties and is also slightly flexible.

Installation instructions:

1. Remove the registration plate from the old frame
2. Unscrew the frame
3. Screw the 4plate screw holders from the package into the original holes, or approximately 28 cm apart
4. Insert the number plate into the bottom of the holder first, then snap the top with your fingers
5. You're ready to hit the road

Package contents: 4x 4plate holder 4x screw

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